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Alaskan Malamute running on the beach
Learn to understand dog behaviour and communication 101. Below are the essential basics of dog behaviour that you'll want to know before bringing your new dog home.

Body language of fear in dogs.

Many dogs stress during periods of change in their lives. It's important to be ready to recognise the signs of anxiety in your dog and remember to give them space, especially when settling in. A must read for everyone considering adding a new dog to the family. 


How to greet a dog (and what to avoid!)

First impressions count! Make sure yours are the right ones, learn how to approach a dog correctly and safely. 


Separation Anxiety

Your dog needs to know it's okay to be left alone.


Kids & dogs

The do's and dont's of interacting in a fun poster that your kids will enjoy!


Arctic breeds & instinct

Those pesky genetic traits explained - prey drive, leash pulling and more.

Resource Guarding

Your dog needs to know it's okay to share.