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All about keeping your arctic breed happy and healthy


Knowing the correct way to groom your arctic breed dog is essential to keeping their coat clean, odour-free and in good condition, and to protect them from heat, cold and wet weather.

Grooming - PDF file

Is your dog the right weight?

Can you clearly feel your dog's ribs?  Does your dog have a nice tuck in behind the ribcage? 

If not, you need to read this article for the sake of your dog's health!

Although this article is written about the Alaskan Malamute, the information and advice is relevant to all the arctic breeds.

Obesity - PDF file

Activities & Sports for Arctic Breeds

The Husky and Malamute have a natural instinct to pull and work, so enjoying activities such as sledding, backpacking and weight pulling with your arctic breed dog will help keep them fit and happy.

Dog Sports page

For more information on health, activities and events for arctic breeds and dogs in general: