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8 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 

Bear will need the following in his new home:

  • no children
  • no cats or other small pets
  • only dog home preferred
  • a reasonably large yard with adequate shelter & natural grass areas
  • secure, 6 foot high dig-proof fencing & gates
  • ongoing obedience training
  • indoor access
  • ongoing health checks - see medical notes
  • Husky or Samoyed experience preferred

Bear is a Husky X Samoyed boy who may technically be a senior, but don’t tell him that! This big polar bear still plays like a puppy - he loves to chase a ball, have a good game of tug and of course, do zoomies.

He has all the crazy Husky qualities that you would expect (easily distracted, lots of energy, does his own thing) coupled with the lush coat and vocal abilities of a Samoyed.

Bear came into the shelter with reported anxiety and resource guarding tendencies, but he hasn’t shown any signs of this while in care. He previously lived happily with a female dog, so may be suited to a home with a calm lady canine companion of similar size, but would also be very happy as an only child. He can be a bit bossy with other dogs, however he is usually quite social unless they get up in his handsome face!

Bear prefers a gentle touch and doesn’t appreciate rough handling, so he will need a family that can be respectful of his boundaries. Kids are a little too intense for him, so he needs an adult only home - with no cats (they are way tooo interesting!). He also needs a secure yard with 6 foot fencing, grass areas, adequate shelter and access to inside when his family are home.

Although he doesn’t give you much on first meeting, he does bond very well to his people and is very sensitive to their emotions. He’s looking for someone confident, resilient and brave. He doesn’t have fantastic lead manners (though we have seen much worse!) so needs a family committed to training and working on loose-lead walking. He looooves his food and has a few obedience tricks up his paws.

Bear is not suitable for apartment or farm living, and is not available for interstate adoption. A home with arctic breed experience is preferred.

Medical notes:

Tests on Bear have indicated an elevated liver enzyme level which has remained constant while in the shelter, however an ultrasound showed no major findings other than nodules, which may or may not be relevant. This could just be Bear's normal state, but he will need ongoing blood tests to monitor this. Currently this is not affecting him in any way and he does not require any medication, however Arctic Rescue Victoria would cover any medical costs associated with this condition for the rest of Bear's life.

MC# 956000010522726

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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
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Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Not suitable with children
Bear is an 8 year old male Husky cross Samoyed