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Eski & Meeko

Male & Female
5 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 

Meeko & Eski will need a home with:

  • Arctic breed experience
  • A reasonably large yard with 6 foot high secure & dig-proof fencing
  • Children at least in their teens
  • No cats or other small pets
  • An ongoing commitment to regular walks and training

If your home has what they need, then read on!

This gorgeous pair are on the look for a new home, either separately or together. Currently they are in a shelter environment and would love either a permanent or foster home.

Eski is an energetic, playful boy that relies on the company of another dog to help him keep him happy. He can be a bit of a stress head and a calm female helps guide him in the right direction. Eski loves to play in typical husky fashion, so be prepared for noise and zoomies!

Meeko is the more mature of the two, but she’s definitely no wallflower- she gets super excited when first taken out on the lead and wails like a banshee!  She is very affectionate and cuddly, but she’ll lose interest quickly if there is something more interesting going on.

Both Eski and Meeko are in need of someone who can help them learn that walks and engagement are a normal part of life. They haven’t had much attention paid to them, so they get overstimulated easily and need guidance on how to cope with that.

Both dogs will need homes with Husky experience, very secure, 6 foot high, dig-proof fencing and a family committed to daily exercise. Meeko and Eski will do best in a calm home environment with a predictable routine and with no cats, pocket pets or young children.

Microchip numbers:  Eski 956000003667785    Meeko 956000008937855 

To apply to adopt Meeko and/or Eski: Adoption Application Form
To apply to foster Meeko and/or Eski: Foster Application Form
To sponsor Meeko and/or Eski please go to our Donate page.
Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304
Adoption Fee: 
$450 each or $700 for the pair
Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Eski and Meeko are a 5 year old Husky boy and girl