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4 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 


Well Hellooooooo there - who wants to come play with this dashing young fella and his ball?

Koda isn’t your standard Husky - he actually brings the ball back! And not just once or twice! He loves his tennis ball so much he has even mastered how to throw it around for himself! So not only do we have one impossibly good looking, playful guy, but he is also pretty chilled out when it’s time to pack the toys away.

At nearly 4 years old, he’s past the crazy hypo young Husky phase and is happy to just hang out and do his own thing.

Koda can be a little wary of strangers to begin with, but given some time and motivation, will happily come to you for affection when he feels he needs a hug.

Koda also has a very sensitive side, needing a home that can give him the encouragement and confidence he needs to be able to tackle everyday stresses. Running water is like Kryptonite to him, he gets most unhappy when around it, so he will need access to inside the home if a storm comes down.

Koda isn’t antisocial with other dogs, but he’s not a fun party animal that wants to bash around playing bitey-face zoomies with other dogs either. A sniff and then he’s off doing his own thing. He is fairly underweight at the moment and has shown some resource guarding over food around other dogs, so is best suited to either an only dog home, or a home which will follow strict guidelines around feeding protocols.

Koda needs to attend obedience classes to help develop a bond with his new family while learning some awesome doggy skills.  The standard Husky requirements apply - secure 6 foot fencing, no cats or pocket pets, no young children, ability to tolerate large amounts of hair and backchat!

Koda needs:

  • to be an only dog
  • no cats or other pets
  • children to be at least in their teens
  • a reasonably large yard with secure 6 foot fencing
  • ongoing obedience training

Microchip # 953010000389709

To apply to adopt Koda: Adoption Application Form
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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304
Adoption Fee: 
Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Gets along with other dogs
Koda is a four year old red and white male Siberian Husky