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Koda - Adopted!

6 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 

   Koda has been adopted!   

Koda's requirements:

  • Husky or arctic breed ownership experience essential
  • a calm, stable home environment where someone is home most of the time
  • no cats or other pets
  • children to be at least in their teens
  • a reasonably large yard with natural grass areas and shelter
  • secure 6 foot fencing and gates
  • ongoing obedience training

Please note:   Koda has medical conditions - see below for details


Koda is just the sweetest boy with a cheeky smile, but the best part is that he walks like a dream!

Now, it’s not that he never pulls – some days he finds that va-va-voom huskies are renowned for. But usually once he springs out the gate, he settles into an easy pace, enjoying the sights and smells by your side. He has quite the following on his daily rounds, both human and doggos, which shows how far he has come since his early foster days.

He luuurves his humans! He trusts and bonds quickly, losing his initial shyness within hours.  He will follow you everywhere (risking being stepped on, he’s so quiet!) and loves to snuggle up next to you on the sofa, but he also likes his personal space and doesn’t like to be mollycoddled. Sometimes he is aloof and serious, content to chill at your feet.  Other times he can’t get enough of your undivided attention and will make sure you know about it!

Playtime brings him completely out of his shell. Give him a tennis ball to play with (especially one that squeaks) and he will entertain himself (and you) for ages.  His energy levels go through the roof and he can’t keep the smile off his face! He is very affectionate and loves to please. He will work for all kinds of rewards – tennis ball, food, pats and praise – making it very easy to train him. He loves it when he gets something right but he is very unsure of himself so regular training is a must to increase his confidence.  He learns very quickly (especially if food is on the cards) and responds well to voice commands once he is in a settled environment.

Of course, Koda has some classic husky traits to prove he’s the real deal.  He very occasionally finds himself confronted with an exploding cushion, and he will always defend the home against that dastardly kitchen bin. ;)

Koda suffers mild separation anxiety but can be left alone during the day if he is allowed somewhere he can watch for your return, ideally with access inside the home.  With this in mind, he would suit a family where someone is home more often than not so that he can relax knowing you are home safe.  He can be nervous in the dark due to having Polar (Star) cataracts (see medical notes below), so would need to be an inside dog at night.

Koda can be a little highly-strung, occasionally shutting down and experiencing mild seizure activity when over-excited or in situations he finds overwhelming.   He is initially head-shy and fast movements spook him, so he often overreacts by flinching, jumping, and bolting out from under your feet.   Sudden loud noises scare him but his increased confidence is helping him overcome his fears. 

There have been reported isolated incidents in the past where he has nipped when in a stressful environment but this was possibly due to a sudden movement that he did not have time to assess, especially considering his poor eyesight.  This has not reoccurred since he has settled in a home environment and has learned more appropriate behaviours.  He likes a routine and boundaries with regular positive reinforcement.

Once he is familiar with his routine, his anxiety drops so he needs a calm, consistent handler who can read when he is getting overwhelmed and intervene before it escalates.  Koda is still learning the most appropriate ways to respond to situations so patience and understanding is essential, as well as a willingness to continue training.

Like most huskies, he can be very boisterous.  He sometimes gets carried away so any children will need to be older so he doesn’t get into trouble.  He has a very high prey drive which combined with his poor eyesight means he is unsuitable to be let off-lead or around small animals.

He would be suited to an only-dog home, or a home with a laid-back, confident female dog of similar size that will tolerate Koda as he learns how to play and share nicely.  He will need to be fed away from other animals as he doesn’t quite understand personal space.  This boy is looking for a family who will provide him with a safe environment where he can blossom into the cheeky redhead he is!   Therefore a home with experience with owning an arctic breed, preferably Huskies, is required.

Koda is not suitable for apartments, rural properties, homes with a small or paved yard, or first-time dog owners.  He is not available for interstate adoption.

Medical notes:

Koda has been diagnosed as having Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Posterior Polar Cataracts in both eyes.   His vision loss is predicted to be a gradual process, so he can adapt to his condition and live happily in a safe environment.  He does not require treatment a the moment, although annual check-ups are recommended.  The good news is that dogs don't rely nearly as much on their eyesight as their sense of smell and hearing, so they generally adapt very well should there be any vision loss.

Koda takes Gabapentin once or twice a day to reduce his anxiety and related seizure activity, which can occur after stress-events such as thunderstorms, travel or experiencing new environments.

Microchip # 953010000389709

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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
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Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Basic training
Koda is a five year old red and white male Siberian Husky