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1 year old
Malamute X
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 


Mako will require:

  • A home as an only dog, or he may be okay with a female dog of similar size
  • No children, unless they are older teens
  • No cats, pocket pets or other animals
  • Daily walks, always on lead
  • A reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
  • Fences and gates will need to be at least 6 foot high, secure and dig-proof
  • Arctic breed experience is essential, preferably with boisterous young Malamutes or Huskies

Please do not apply unless you meet all Mako's requirements

Being incredibly good looking has been Mako’s downfall.   This spunky teenager has had 4 homes in his short life, not because he’s a bad doggo, but because each home hasn’t had the skills to handle a young Malamute-Husky cross.

Mako is not suited to apartment or townhouse living. He’s an energetic lad that needs a yard to cut zoomies in, as well as a daily walk.  He needs a family that understand that he WILL be cheeky and see what he can get away with, and be prepared to set consistent, firm boundaries.

Mako has learnt that jumping up and mouthing when he wants something is a great game and that humans generally squeak and play with him when he does this - an undesirable behaviour that needs a little relearning!   He also likes to pretend to have no manners when he walks and pulls like a train, however being the typical arctic breed of course he can never be walked off lead.   But behind those gorgeous brown eyes he’s a smart cookie, and he responds enthusiastically and quickly to balanced training when he knows you will call his bluff.

Affectionate and easily motivated, he’s such fun to be around that you can’t help but smile just hanging out with him.   He loves playing tug and will bring a ball back (well, maybe once if you are lucky!).

Mako plays in the typical rough, boisterous fashion of a young Arctic breed, plus he has the usual prey drive towards small creatures that move quickly.   He may be suitable to live with a similar-sized, confident female dog that could help him learn a few life skills and manners.

Mako needs a secure yard with dig proof fencing at least 6 foot high.  Due to his immaturity, he is not suitable to live with children.

If your home is breed experienced, ready for the challenge of a teenage jerk dog and you can commit to ongoing training to help Mako become an even more awesome dog than he currently is, please apply to adopt or foster this gorgeous boy!

Mako is not available for interstate adoption and is not suitable for apartments, homes with small yards or rural areas.

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MC# 956000013075737

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
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Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Mako is a cheeky one year old grey and white male Malamute cross Husky