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Meeko - on hold

6 year old
Alaskan Malamute
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 

   Meeko is on hold   

Meeko's requirements:

  • A fairly large yard with natural grass and garden areas, and adequate shelter
  • Secure fencing and gates at least 6 foot high and dig-proof
  • No children
  • No cats, other pets or livestock
  • Ongoing obedience training
  • Malamute or other arctic breed experience is essential

Any application which does not meet Meeko's needs will not be considered, and we don't want to waste anyone's time.

Meeko has a whole swag of tricks up her paw that she would just love to show you - if you can handle all this jelly that she has! She can shake, touch, loves adventures and is a super snuggler.

The outside world can be a little too exciting for Meeko at times though and she gets easily distracted and anxious. She’s been working very hard on her loose lead walking skills and needs someone committed and confident to help her be able to focus or ignore the stimulus she experiences as needed. If your looking for a super easy, dog social canine, Meeko is not the girl for you which is why require an owner who has arctic breed experience, preferably having owned a Malamute before.

She does not appreciate the company of other doggos (or any other small animals) so an only-dog home is preferred, but there is a chance she may get along with a male dog of similar size. Of course, she needs to have manners around them and a human that can guide her with that.

Got a fairly large, secure backyard for her to cut laps around? She’s going to looove you! Daily walks are a must for this energetic gal, but she having outside space to chill out and spaz out at home are vital. She is happiest around company and needs access inside the house when there is no one at home.

Meeko has had a lot of change in her life recently and is looking for a calm, child free home that can embrace her Malamute girliness and give her the life she’s looking for. In return she will make you laugh at her antics, get you out and moving and keep you warm on the couch.

Meeko is not available for interstate adoption, and is not suitable for apartment or townhouse living or for rural properties.

MC# 956000003421115

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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
Adoption Fee: 
Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Not suitable with children
Meeko is a 6 year old grey and white female Malamute