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Micah & Star

Male & Female
6 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 

Bonded pair

These 2 kids are just too adorable for words! If you’ve ever wondered if two Huskies may be better than one, these guys are here to set the record straight that yes! More fluff is what you need!

This beautiful pair are looking for a home that will let them be a part of the family and it’s day to day life. Hanging out inside while your home, walks every day and lots of love and affection.

Micah likes to greet you with a big smooch and then offers a paw in the hope you’ll magically produce a treat for him.  Star is more of a flirt and likes to prance around showing you how pretty she is. She’ll happily come in for cuddles and then trot off again, where as Micah will stay right by your side.

Both dogs are talkers - Star likes to have a chat, while Micah warbles like a Wookiee. They can get a little stressed if separated from each other, but it’s really more a case of FOMO than anything.

Micah isn’t a fan of thunderstorms or fireworks, so needs to be allowed inside during these events. Secure fencing is also required.

Star is a petite little lady that loooves a good game of zoomies. The two of them play like typical Huskies together (total craziness) so any home with children need to be old enough not to be bowled over.

These guys love their walks and get rather excited and forget their lead manners when starting out, but settle down quickly. They will need a handler that is committed to improving their walking skills. Seeing other dogs is super exciting, as they just love everyone, so they would benefit from a little bit of work on their self control.

This gorgeous pair will make some lucky family very happy and fill their life with laughter, adventure and love.

Micah & Star will need:

  • to stay together
  • obedience and lead training
  • 6 foot high secure fencing
  • a home with a large yard
  • children to be teens or older
  • no cats or pocket pets
  • Husky experience preferred

Microchip numbers:
Micah: 943094320349487
Star: 956000008640490

To apply to adopt Micah & Star, please fill in our adoption application form.
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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304
Adoption Fee: 
$600 for the pair
Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Micah the grey and white male Husky with blue eyes and Star the female grey and white Husky with one blue and one brown eye