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1 year
Alaskan Malamute
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Please note:  Breed experience is essential

Meet Nanook.  He might be a good-looking fellow, but if you want a quiet life, Nanook is definitely NOT for you.  If it’s a bit of a challenge and a good conversation you’re after, read on…

Now he is a year old he has turned into a large, strong, exuberant Malamute boy who, being typical of the breed, is independent-minded, stubborn and will test your leadership as he continues to mature.

But he also has a loving nature and a lot of mischief!  He is a people-orientated pup that wants nothing more than to spend his days inside or out doing activities with his family.

His confidence has improved dramatically as he has grown, and although he is still wary around dogs, new people and little ones, he is happy to walk up and say hello.  Nanook has been exposed to lots of different situations, but he still gets jumpy and may bark when approached suddenly so will need an owner who is willing to work on building his confidence.  Combining this with his boisterous play, he would only be suitable for an adult family or a family with teens.

His foster-sister has taught him some manners and he has practiced his etiquette on her, but he will need continuing socialisation & obedience training, so his new family must have a keen interest and previous experience in dog obedience.  A strong but tolerant female companion of similar size will suit this chap, as he does like to test those boundaries from time to time!

Nanook is such a beautiful boy that it’s easy to overlook his Malamute ways, but he has a few typical Mallie traits that any prospective new owner needs to be aware of…

As with any self-respecting Malamute, Nanook is extremely food-orientated and quick to pick up new commands, particularly if food rewards are on offer.  No food?  Then he may well ignore you...  He walks well on a lead but being an arctic sled dog, he will want to pull in exciting situations, such as when other dogs or rabbits are running around.  He can never be walked off lead as Malamutes are notorious for not coming when called, especially if there is something interesting to be investigated.

Malamutes have a strongly-entrenched prey drive and will want to chase and hunt small animals, so Nanook will not suit a home with small critters such as cats, rabbits, chooks or pocket pets.  He is also not suited to farm life, farm fencing and being around livestock, and will need strong 6 foot fencing to keep him secure.

He will need some company throughout the day such as a lively dog or a human companion to stop him getting into so much mischief, as with any Arctic breed worth his fluff, he can be a bit naughty when left unattended. He will dig holes in the lawn for fun and he likes to attack those pesky tree branches within his reach, so he is fast growing into a very efficient garden-remodelling unit!

As a puppy Nanook developed a fondness for un-stuffing furniture, so if you have a home with nice things, a beautiful garden and want to keep it that way, then Nanook is definitely not for you unless you are prepared to supervise him and teach him what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

Did I mention he likes food?  He is after all a typical Malamute, so he needs to be kept separate from other dogs when food is around as their arctic survival instincts can mean that food is worth fighting for  He has had crate training in the past, so this is an option if necessary.

If you have quite a bit of Malamute experience, are active, enjoy obedience training and are willing to have a large boisterous stubborn canine companion and a few challenges in your life, please fill in our online application:

Breed experience is essential. 
Please note: Nanook is not available for adoption interstate, or to homes with young children or another male dog.

MC # 978102100264742

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Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Gets along with other dogs
Toilet trained
Nanook the Alaskan Malamute Puppy