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4 year old
Siberian Husky
Special Needs: 
Only Dog: 


Simba will require:

  • Any children to be in their teens
  • No cats, pocket pets or other animals
  • A home as an only dog, or he may be okay with a female dog of similar size
  • Daily walks, always on lead
  • A reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
  • Fences and gates will need to be at least 6 foot high, secure and dig-proof
  • Homes with arctic breed experience, preferably with Huskies, will be given priority

Simba is just the sweetest boy you ever will meet!

Simba loves nothing more than cuddling up to his humans on the sofa. He is a very affectionate boy who would rather be an inside dog than an outside dog.  He loves chasing a ball (but doesn’t always bring it back).  When he is outside he has a lot of energy and would prefer somewhere with a lot of land to zoom around.  Because of his high energy, he would only be suitable for homes when any children are at least in their teen years.

He bonds quickly and likes to be close to you at all times, and he will sit with you for hours and be cuddled.  At nightime he sleeps in a crate (but he would prefer to sleep on your bed), if you choose to crate Simba, he may escape his crate and does eventually settle for the night.

Simba loves walks, he is initially very excitable on the lead and will pull,but after a while he will settle and can walk nicely.  Simba is good with other female dogs but can be reactive to male dogs, so you have to get on top of him so that it does not escalate.  He will try to dominate if there is more than one dog in the home.  Simba has had the company of other female dogs, but would thrive as an only dog.  

He can dig so he will require a reasonable sized yard with 6 foot high, dig-proof fencing and of course an undercover area for shelter from the elements. For a Husky he isn’t too vocal, but he will let you know he is missing you if he isn’t with you.   Simba is very affectionate and loves to please so he will work for food, pats and praise - which makes it very easy to train him. He learns very quickly and responds well to voice commands once he is in a settled environment. He knows basic commands and is very eager to please.

Simba marks regularly when in a new environment but this soon stops once he is settled. He would be suited to an only-dog home, or a home with a chilled, confident preferably female dog. 

Simba has a very high prey drive which means he is unsuitable to be let off-lead or to have around cats or other small animals.

Simba is not suited to apartment living or residences with a small yard, and he is not available for interstate adoption.

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MC#  982000402783363

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
Adoption Fee: 
Extra Information: 
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Simba is a grey & white male Husky with blue eyes