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An Arctic Rescue Victoria volunteer sitting with a Siberian Husky
So you’re thinking about becoming a life-saving Foster Hero, but what does that actually mean?

In short, it means providing a loving and safe temporary home until a forever home can be found for each dog.

Each dog is different and comes to us with different needs - we do our best to match the right dogs to the right homes, and that goes for our foster dogs too. Once we receive your application it will be assessed, and if suitable we will then contact you to discuss what kind of dog may suit you best.  Our dogs deserve to succeed in life, and in order for them to do so we need to set you up for success too. 

Please don't be offended if your application is not successful, as most of the dogs we have listed have special needs or require specific training, and all will require a breed-experienced foster carer.  We have a responsibility to find a stable foster home which best suits the needs of each dog, and is best able to develop the skills, behaviours and coping mechanisms that will enable each dog to be integrated into a permanent new home.  For these reasons, homes with no arctic breed experience and shared-rental situations unfortunately cannot be considered for foster caring.

As a foster carer, you are not only caring for a dog, but you are also setting your foster dog up to succeed in a new home.  We need to ensure our dogs can be comfortable and confident in a range of situations and environments, such as car travel, having good manners indoors, being able to cope alone outdoors for periods of time, walking nicely on lead, and other situations a dog is likely to be in when he or she goes to a permanent new home.

When applying to foster, please keep in mind that some of our dogs can take quite some time to find a new home, and during that time you will be required to bring your foster dog along to events and meetings with prospective new owners. 

Foster carers are required to sign a foster agreement and will be supplied with:

  • Dry dog food
  • Collar, leash & ID tag
  • Bowls
  • Bedding
  • Monthly flea & worming treatment
  • Training advice, including workshops, group obedience and in-home training visits if required

Our foster dogs will be microchipped and vaccinated, they will also be desexed and vet checked either before or during their stay with their foster carer.  All routine vet work is organised and paid for by us whilst the dog is in foster care.

We will touch base with foster carers regularly for updates on the dogs progress to help us form their adoption profile, which is a critical part of finding that perfect forever home for each and every dog.

Foster heroes have access to our 24/7 support portal where they can meet other foster carers and share in their triumphs and challenges along the way, as well as having a dedicated foster program coordinator only a phone call or email away.

In order for us to provide this level of support, we do need our foster heroes to be located in the greater Melbourne area.  We can support our heroes throughout Melbourne, West to Geelong, North to Gisborne, Wallan and Kinglake, and to the south including Mornington Peninsula, Cranbourne & Pakenham.

So if you have the experience and skills needed, and you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming a foster hero, we’d love to hear from you!