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Greeting dogs the right way
First impressions count! Make sure yours are the right ones, learn how to approach a dog correctly and safely.

As hard as it can be to accept - not every dog wants to be greeted with the enthusiasm we may have for it. 
Whilst we might be ready for full body huggles and face squishing, our furry companions may not be. In fact even a well-intentioned pat or hand gesture may be too much for some. 

Whatever the reason may be, many dogs need space when meeting new friends.
So here's what you need to know in order to get off on the right foot, or paw as the case may be.

This poster from Dr Sophia Yin shows how to (and how not to) approach and greet dogs.

Visit Dr Sophia Yin's website to learn more, or download a printable version of this poster. PDF icon How to greet a dog.pdf